Pool Build FAQ

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Pool Build Timeline

    • Initial Consultation & Bid Proposal
    • Sign Contract/Finalize Design Options
    • Acquire Permits and Order Pool Kit
    • Excavation & Pool Kit Delivered
    • Assemble Walls and Steps/Electrical Bonding
    • Pour Concrete Footing
    • Underground Plumbing and Electrical/Cover Box
    • Backfill Grade Deck Area/Prep for Concrete
    • Pour Concrete for Deck and Equipment Pad
    • Pour Vermiculite Floor, Install Liner, Fill Pool
    • Initial Chemical Balance
    • Install Automatic Pool Cover
    • Final Walkthrough/Pool School
    • Enjoy your new pool!

What is included in your bid?

Your bid will be itemized out with the all of the options you are considering to make sure you get all of the features you want for your swimming pool, while sticking to your budget.

Do I need to get any special permits?

We obtain any local government permits required.  You may need to get approval from your Homeowners Association if required by your covenants.

Do you offer financing?

We partner with Light Stream financing! Their many options and great service make them easy to work with to fund your dream pool!  www.lightstream.com

Do liner swimming pools have to be rectangular?

Not at all! There are a large number of design options available to fit your backyard.

How long does it take to build my pool?

We like for our clients to give us 6-8 weeks to complete our projects to give us time to overcome any weather delays or other challenges.  Our timeline to the left gives an idea of how our projects flow.

How long do vinyl liners last?

This question is difficult to answer accurately without context, as  the lifespan of a liner depends on many factors including how much it’s used, how much direct sunlight it is exposed to regularly, chemical balance, and underground conditions.  Typically, a lifespan of a liner is around 10-12 years.

What is the first step to getting started?

All you have to do is contact us!  You can either go to our online form or call us at 316-252-1160.  After going over some initial questions, we will schedule an in home consultation to see your layout and to go over all of your options for building your dream pool.  At that point, I will prepare a custom bid with all options line-itemized.  Once options are finalized, we put it into a contract and get you into our building queue.