Pool Maintenance

maintenance - Pool MaintenanceWe strive to provide our customers high quality service personalized for their unique needs. We do not require any service contracts and are happy to visit with you to create a schedule that meets your maintenance requirements.


Opening a pool is a crucial time for discovering potential mechanical and chemical problems. Failure to address these issues can affect your entire swimming season.

HLP is experienced in servicing pumps, motors, heaters, filters, leaks, chemical levels, auto covers, and more. By the time we are finished, your pool will be beautiful and ready for your enjoyment!

Typical openings include:

  • Remove water and debris on cover
  • Remove and power-wash cover
  • Fill pool to appropriate level
  • De-winterize pool and equipment
  • Replace worn o-rings and gaskets
  • Balance chemicals (PH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness)
  • Balance sanitizer levels
  • Vacuum pool
  • General cleanup to make pool area presentable (Deck, equipment area, etc)


Swimming pools require a considerable amount of care. Regular maintenance and supervision will help prevent problems inhibiting the enjoyable use of your pool. Our maintenance schedules are custom fit to the pool owner’s needs from simple chemical maintenance to complete hands-off care.

Typical weekly cleaning service includes:

  • Balance chemicals (Sanitizer, PH, Alkalinity, Calcium – Hardness, Phosphate Levels, etc)
  • Empty pump and skimmer baskets
  • Service chlorination system
  • Backwash filter (DE or sand)
  • Brush tile line clear of debris
  • Net pool surface
  • Vacuum debris from bottom of pool
  • General inspection of pool and equipment


Incorrect closing procedures can lead to expensive damage to underground lines, equipment, pool surfaces, and winter covers. HLP offers the most thorough winterization services in the industry.

Typical closing services include:

  • Drain water to appropriate level
  • Remove debris from inside of pool
  • Balance chemicals to sustain pool water through winter
  • Add algaecide and phosphate control
  • Blow-out, plug, and fill suction and return lines with anti-freeze
  • Un-plug and winterize pool equipment
  • Install winter pool cover